How is our River Water Quality?

Water quality has improved in Ventura County since 2003/04. The current water quality in the County of Ventura is generally good, with B to C grades at most mass emission station locations. Mass emission stations are located in the lower reaches of the three major Ventura County watersheds: Calleguas Creek (ME-CC), Ventura River (ME-VR2), and Santa Clara River (ME-SCR). Mass Emission drainage areas are large and include multiple sources of discharge, including natural sources, wastewater treatment plants, municipal and agricultural sources, and groundwater discharges.

Slightly reduced scores were observed during the 2012/13 and 2013/14 monitoring years and higher quantities of salts observed at ME-CC and ME-SCR contributed to the downgrade. For the 2013/14 monitoring year, salts are mostly responsible for water quality impairments during dry weather, and bacteria and metals for impairments during wet weather. A more detailed discussion is available in the monitoring section of our annual reports, beginning with the 2012/13 monitoring year (December 2013 report).