Watershed Management Program

The 2021 Regional MS4 Permit includes provisions that allow permittees the flexibility to customize their stormwater programs to achieve compliance with certain receiving water limitations and water quality-based effluent limits over time through the development of a Watershed Management Program (WMP). Participation in a WMP is voluntary and allows a Permittee to address its highest watershed priorities, including complying with the requirements of the Permit for Receiving Water Limitations, Total Maximum Daily Loads, Discharge Prohibitions and Minimum Control Measures. The Ventura County permittees intend to develop one WMP with specific sub parts or chapters for the watershed management areas (WMA) in Ventura County.

[NEW] July 24, 2023
A public outreach meeting on the Countywide Watershed Management Program Development was held at the City of Camarillo Council Chambers on July 24, 2023. View the recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkZ5I840TxY.