• What is a Watershed?

    A watershed is the total land area, including our yards, from which stormwater drains into streams, rivers or other bodies of water.
    Click here to find your watershed.

  • Watershed Protection Tips for Pet Owners

    Check out the brochure at www.cleanwatershed.org.

  • Watershed Protection Tips for Car Owners

    Get tips on how to be a responsible car owner at www.cleanwatershed.org

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News and Announcements

May Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Sale! Ventura County’s Community for a Clean Watershed is holding another rain barrel truckload sale to encourage Ventura County residents to conserve water and protect water quality. This is a PRE-ORDER ONLY event. Place your order by May 8 for pickup at one of two locations on May 14. The March event sold-out, so be sure to place your order early for the May sale. Compost bins are also for sale.  Place your order at www.rainbarrelprogram.org/venturacounty.

Recent Rainfall
Wondering how much rain fell in your area? Find out with this interactive map!
How can you help protect our watersheds? Start with a Rain Barrel! Find other tips at www.cleanwatershed.org.

Report Illegal Dumping/Discharge

Seen something questionable being dumped in a gutter or storm drain?

Help us keep it from happening again. Click the image to report.

Community for a Clean Watershed

How can you help protect the watershed?

The Community for a Clean Watershed website is full of easy, practical tips for residents, businesses, and visitors in Ventura County.

Click the image to find out more.

Water Quality Monitoring Data Query

Ever wondered what is in the water that drains from our neighborhoods?

Monitoring results from stations across Ventura County are by clicking the image below.

What has been found in your community?

What's the big deal about runoff?

Runoff carries pollutants. Water that doesn't soak into the ground becomes runoff. Click here for ten easy tips to help reduce runoff.

How does runoff impact me?

Runoff carries pollutants through our watershed, which can then cause issues for people and wildlife. Find out more.

What role does VCSQMP play?

VCSQMP works to improve runoff quality, monitor watershed health, and comply with the Ventura Countywide Stormwater Permit.

How is our River Water Quality?

River water quality has improved in Ventura County since 2003/04 and is generally good. Click here to find out more.